Red Coral Guide: How to wear Moonga?  Precautions And Other Details

Red Coral Guide :

Red coral, also known as Moonga, is a gorgeous vivid red-colored natural gemstone. Also, moonga or red coral is the gem of enthusiasm, spirit, and physical strength, and contrary to popular beliefs, red coral is not actually a gemstone. It gets extracted from the mines and is fundamentally an exotic wood formed in the deep ocean by existing aquatic creatures known as Corallium Rubrum or coral polyps.

In addition, the natural moonga stone is an august member of the Navratna group and retains a prominent position in the spiritual and astrological field. Moreover, on the astrological ground, a red coral signifies the favorable planet Mars or Mangal Grah, and astrologers recommend this gemstone to people who want good well-being, achievement in sports, politics, business, and other leadership roles.

हिंदी में मूंगे के बारे में सारी जानकारी के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

Astrological benefits of wearing red coral

Mars, or Mangal Grah, is considered to rule the valuable and irreplaceable gift from the Asian and Italian seas. The star of energy and desire instills optimism in the stone or the wearer, allowing them to triumph over their rivals or enemies. Also, it benefits the wearer due to its astronomical and healing powers, particularly those associated with its ruling planet Mars.

Wearing a moonga or red coral denotes vigour, strength, and ambition. This divine gemstone is also advantageous for expelling or lowering the Manglik dosh from a person’s astrology. It alleviates temperamental and anger difficulties to foster interpersonal interactions.

Moonga Ratna makes a person motivated, productive and enables them to accomplish their goals or ambitions. It likewise positively impacts its wearer as a person, affecting their personality in a variety of ways.

Red Coral is associated with the planet Mars because of which it contains its vital energy and makes the individual courageous and a winner in all parts of life.

This gemstone’s positive energies are particularly protective, shielding the user from dead eyes, mental harm, and adversaries of all kinds. Also, this fortunate stone provides a powerful defense against the evil eye and black magic.

Which rashi can wear red coral

In general, red coral is not favorable to all natives. Hence, it is advisable to wear this gemstone after contacting a qualified astrologer. You should wear crimson coral if you are an Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, or a Pisces ascendant. However, you must prevent wearing it if your zodiac is Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, or Aquarius, as it might hold some unpropitious planetary effects on your everyday life.

How To Wear Red Coral

Wearing this gemstone will not give any benefits if you do not know how to energize red coral. Listed below are some ways to wear red coral for maximum benefits.

When planning to buy natural red coral online, you should only purchase it from a reputable gem retailer. Also, the stone must be of excellent quality, as wearing an artificial or low-quality stone will not provide you with any benefits. Furthermore, before using this stone, you should consult an astrologer as they can only explain whether or not red coral will suit you based on the location of Mars in your birth chart.

After getting the stone, decide on the best day to wear it. According to astronomers, the best day to use moonga stone is Tuesday. 

Purification Of Moonga Before Wearing

Sit on a red or crimson asana or cloth facing your back to the east. Remember to dip the ring in Ganga Jal or holy water before wearing it. A red coral stone ring’s effectiveness may remain limited because it contains various harmful elements. As a result, immersing the ring in the holy Ganges water washes away all contaminants bonded with the gemstone.

Activation Process of Moonga Before  Wearing

Merely purification of a gemstone is never enough if you want to avail its maximum benefits. Its energization is equally vital. One needs to energize his or her Moonga stone jewelry before wearing it. After completing the purification process of your red coral jewelry, perform the Vedic rituals for its activation or energization process. Place the clean Moonga Ratan on a fresh cloth and worship Lord Mangal by reciting the renowned Mangal  mantra ‘Om Ang Angarkay Namah’ or ॐ अं अंगारकाय नमः। for 108 times. Now wear your Natural Moonga jewelry to please the planet Mangal in your house of the horoscope and avail yourself of its blessings.


Red coral Wearing Day and Time

Tuesday, during the sunrise or Shukla Paksha (waxing moon), is the best day to wear red coral. Also, for wearing this gemstone accurately and getting the best results, you must dress up in orange clothes and present marigold blossoms to the deity in a temple or at home. In addition, red coral works best when layered with a gold or rose gold ring or pendant.

Before wearing it, dip your red coral ring or pendant in a solvent of fresh cow milk, Gangajal, butter, curd, and ghee and place it near Lord Hanuman’s feet to seek his blessings and pray for the fulfillment of the goal for which you are wearing the ring. The ring must then be worn immediately on the right-hand right index finger and should only be detached while attending a funeral.


Frequently Asked Questions About Wearing Coral Stone:

Question1: Which is the best day to wear coral stone?

Answer: Most of the astrologer’s agreed that the best day to wear red coral stone is Tuesday Morning between 5 am to 6 am. And the most benevolent period to don this stone is Shukla Paksha.

Therefore, those people who are willing to adopt this stone should choose Tuesday morning and if possible during the auspicious Shukla Paksha.

However, if you cannot manage to buy red coral stone on Tuesday, then the best alternative days to purchase this stone is Sunday or Thursday. Never purchase this powerful stone on Saturday because it may prove harmful to you.

Question 2: In Which Finger Red Coral stone should be worn?

Answer: After consulting with the best astrologers of India, the broad consensus of astrologers agreed that the third finger of the right hand is the best finger to adopt this stone for males and for a female the third finger of the left hand is most optimum.

Question 3: Which metal red coral stone should be embedded?

Answer: Copper and Gold or a mixture of these metals are considered best as per astrologers to incorporate or fix red coral stone.

Question 4: What is the right mantra of wearing red coral stone?

Answer: According to astrologers, the best mantra of wearing this popular stone is given below:

“Aum Bhaum Bhaumaye Namah Aum” or

“Om Sri Sarvanabhavaaya Namah”

Question 5: What is the lifespan of a natural red coral stone?

Answer: The maximum lifespan of red coral stone is 3 to 4 years. Therefore, after using this stone for 3 or 4 years, one should change it because it becomes defective after that long.



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